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Products Liability

The Klamann Law Firm has successfully handled numerous cases involving personal injury and/or wrongful death resulting from unsafe or defective products.  For example, Mr. Klamann has successfully handled product failure cases against Westinghouse (commercial losses by Board of Public Utilities from failed electrical generation station turbine), Columbus McKinnon (failed chain resulting in leg amputation in 18 year-old man), Lennox (carbon monoxide poisoning resulting in three deaths and four comatose victims), and Black and Veatch Architects and Engineers (design of wastewater treatment plant).

Currently, The Klamann Law Firm is co-counsel in a multi-firm action involving exposures to 1-Bromopropane in metal cleaning industry. He is also co-counsel in a toxic tort case involving exposures to Toluene.  He also continues to be involved in asbestos litigation representing the victims of asbestos-related cancers.

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