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We are Kansas City’s premiere firm for asbestos and mesothelioma litigation. Over the past 37 years,  John Klamann has handled more asbestos personal injury cases, including mesothelioma, lung cancer and asbestosis, than all other area law firms combined.

As outlined below, we excel in representing individual victims of asbestos disease and their families as well as the owners of asbestos-contaminated properties.

  • John Klamann has been actively representing asbestos victims and their families since 1979.
  • In 1981, John was trial counsel on the Elmore v. Owens-Illinois asbestos personal injury case, a landmark case for asbestos product liability that negated the “state-of-the-art” as a defense in asbestos strict liability cases.
  • John served as trial counsel in the first ever U.S. trial victory for a school district (and the second ever victory for a building owner of any kind in the U.S.) against various defendants for asbestos contamination.
  • John was appointed counsel by a Federal Court for 23 consolidated school districts in asbestos property cases in Western Missouri.
  • John was appointed class action and trial counsel for the Michigan schools class action litigation.
  • In addition to those building described above, John tried cases for asbestos contamination of shopping malls, hospitals, schools, churches, and commercial and high-rise office buildings.
  • John also represented trade union members in hazard pay FLSA action involving asbestos exposures.
  • John was also the attorney for the Asbestos Claimants’ Committee in the Standard Insulations Bankruptcy. As a result, he litigated and oversaw the distribution of economic and insurance assets to approximately 23,200 asbestos victims.
  • In the course of his representation of asbestos-related plaintiffs, John has defended or taken more than 200 depositions of the nation’s top medical authorities on asbestos disease, including scientists, pathologists, epidemiologists, radiologists, surgeons, pulmonologists, oncologists, and certified Industrial Hygienists.
  • As a result of career-long dedication to the field, John has tried more asbestos personal injury cases in the Kansas City area than any other lawyer or law firm.
  • Outside the office, John authored a legal encyclopedia (“Am Jur Trials”), 150-page article on how to handle an asbestos lawsuit.
  • John is also the owner of the largest product identification library in the Kansas City area, including the Standard Insulations product identification archives, and a wide variety of invoices, purchase orders, and other primary source records showing the identity of the asbestos products in various well-known buildings and structures in the Kansas City area.
  • John also possesses the largest free-standing asbestos medical library in Kansas City. He has read and digested more than 2,500 medical and scientific articles on asbestos and health.
  • In an effort to promote his knowledge and skill, John has spoken at more than 100 EPA-sponsored seminars around the country on the topics of law and asbestos. He was also a speaker for the National Academy of Disability Physicians on asbestos disabilities; a speaker at the Midwest Insulation Contractors Association annual meeting about asbestos hazards; a speaker at multiple trade union training meetings about asbestos; and a speaker at national meetings of asbestos plaintiffs lawyers.
  • Finally, John has taught complex litigation for 4 semesters at the UMKC law school and is the annual sponsor of Kansas City CLE on Trial Skills.

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