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Class Action and Complex Litigation

The Klamann Law Firm has extensive experience in class action and complex litigation.  The firm is regularly retained by prominent plaintiffs’ law firms to handle class action certification and administration matters as well as case management and litigation coordination in putative and certified class action cases.

Mr. Klamann has been lead Class Counsel in certified class action cases involving the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA),  federal and State securities anti-fraud laws and regulations, environmental contamination and toxic exposures, real estate, proprietary school litigation, and other collective action cases.  In addition, Mr. Klamann has been lead counsel in several putative class action cases in the insurance fraud and employment discrimination areas.  Mr. Klamann was co-trial counsel in the Michigan Schools Asbestos Class Action Litigation.  Mr. Klamann was a part of the litigation team of class action counsel in Ireton, et al. v. American Family Insurance Co., a nationwide insurance “vanishing premium” class action case. Mr. Klamann was lead counsel for a consortium of law firms in the Williams, et al. v. Sprint age discrimination class action.

In addition to its class action experience, The Klamann Law Firm has had extensive involvement in “complex litigation.”  For example, Mr. Klamann was lead counsel in a successful real estate syndication/fraud case involving more than 140 plaintiffs from 23 States in their joint action against the world’s then largest accounting firm, Ernst and Young.  Mr. Klamann was also lead counsel in a successful consolidated joinder action against a regional accounting firm involving 124 investors in a 40 different limited partnerships.  Mr. Klamann represented more than 70 plaintiffs in a successful oil and gas syndication fraud case.  Mr. Klamann was also part of the litigation and trial team for the liability and punitive damages trial phase of the Mon Mass II Litigation involving more than 7500 asbestos plaintiffs West Virginia.

Mr. Klamann has previously been Adjunct Professor of Law at the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law where he taught Complex Litigation to second and third year law students and LLM candidates.  Mr. Klamann is a frequent speaker at seminars on complex litigation topics.  Mr. Klamann is currently involved in the creation of a Manual on Complex Litigation.

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